4 Apr, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: An Introduction to LinkedIn Ads Targeting [VIDEO]

In This Episode I explain how you can target your ideal audience using the LinkedIn advertising platform. If you have considered usingLinkedIn advertising as a part of your social strategy, but you weren’t exactly sure how you could put yourself and your business in front of your ideal clients, then this post is for you. Growing […]

4 Apr, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: Gated vs. Ungated Content [VIDEO]

In This Episode I explain the difference between gated and un-gated content, and how you can use each as a part of a successful social campaign. If these are terms that you have heard being thrown around – but you aren’t exactly sure what they are and how your business can take advantage of each, […]

4 Apr, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: SEO vs. Social Media Advertising [VIDEO]

In This Episode I attempt to answer a question that clients often ask us, which is; Should I be investing in search engine optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, or social media advertising for my business? If you have asked yourself that question before, or are considering in investing in either of these marketing activities, […]

4 Apr, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: 4 Common Conversion Killers [VIDEO]

In This Episode I’m going to discuss 4 common conversion killers. These are the things that we see far too commonly – that are preventing you from successfully driving leads and sales. If you are running paid advertising or are interested in doing so – then this video is for you. Key Video Takeaways Ok […]

3 Mar, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: Facebook Custom Audiences Explained [VIDEO]

In This Episode Custom audiences are one of our favourite features of the Facebook advertising platform. Think of custom audiences as your way of interacting with people who already have a relationship with your business. So, this could be: The people who are already existing customers of you People who have already checked out your website […]

1 Jan, 2017 Matthew Asimus

We’re Hiring! Account Coordinator / Account Executive

Job Location: Gold Coast, Australia We’re searching for an Account Coordinator or Account Executive who is looking to work hard, learn quickly and have fun – all while building a real career within our agency. Sound like you or someone you know? Then read on!   Your New Career Opportunity Axis is a young, independent and […]