Using Facebook Behavioural Targeting

In part 4 of our 5 part mini-series on Core Audiences, we cover Facebook’s Behavioural Targeting Capabilities.

If you’re yet to, please read the previous three post in this series on:

  1. Core Audiences
  2. Demographic Targeting
  3. Interest Targeting

If you have already, then let’s get stuck in.

What Is Facebook Behavioural Targeting?

Behavioural Targeting allows you to shape your Core Audience based on the purchasing behaviour, their browsing behaviour, their intent to purchase or use particular products or the devices they use.

The data which underpins these parameters is a combination of Facebook’s first-party data as well as data purchased from third-party partners within each country.

So let’s break down we use each of individual Behavioural Factors and how they can define your ideal target audience:


Allows you to target owners of particular vehicles or those in the market for a new or used vehicle.

You can also hone in on the type of purchase they are looking to make, as well as whether they currently lease, finance or own their car outright.

Charitable Donations

Allows you to identify someone who has a higher propensity to donate to charity and the types of causes that they are most likely to support.

Digital Activities and Devices

An incredibly powerful targeting parameter tied to our tracked behaviour online.

Within these fields, you can target people based on the following: 

  • Browser
  • Device
  • Network
  • Operating System
  • Whether they are an early or late technology adopter
  • Whether they are a Facebook Page Admin, Event Creator
  • Even if they are an avid Photo Uploader

Given their distinct behaviour online, you can also target Small Business Owners within this category.

Purchase Behaviour

From Business Purchases to Clothing, Household Products to Subscription Services, this parameter allows you to target the existing purchase behaviour of your target audience (or a high intent to purchase from within these categories).

You can use this targeting option either to get in front of those in the market for the product or service that you sell or to promote a complementary product or service based on something they have recently purchased.


Tailored-made for the finance sector, this parameter allows you to identify members of the target audience based on their banking behaviour, the type and number of investments they have – even the spending methods that they prefer to use.


Finally, this parameter allows you to identify the level of travel which your target audience undertakes.

From Business Travellers to Commuters, from Family Vacationers to Frequent Flyers, within this component of the Targeting platform, you’re able to specify any notable travel-based characteristics that your ideal target audience exhibits.

This targeting parameter is perfect for advertisers for travel, tourism, or products or services that complement travel (e.g. insurance).

Behavioural Targeting Caveats

Remember, this behavioural data is a combination of data captured by Facebook and data provided by local third parties. 

This data source means that when you incorporate these into your campaign, make sure that you’re testing audiences or adding additional targeting parameters to ensure accuracy.

What’s Up Next?

In the next and final post of this Core Audience mini-series, we cover the importance of Exclusion and Connection parameters within your Core Audience. 

These parameters allow you to refine your target audience profiles and ensure that you’re laser-focused on your ideal customer or client.

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