Performance Focused Direct Response
Social Advertising

We Help

We create social media marketing campaigns with one thing in mind – to generate leads, sales and momentum for our clients. Whether the platform is Facebook or LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube, we’re here to help your business or brand attract, convert and nurture the clients and customers you want more of.

Tailored Social

We know your company is unique, so we start by developing a social advertising strategy tailored to your objectives.

Scroll Stopping

We stop your ideal prospects in their News Feeds by crafting ad copy, images and videos that makes them take action.

Advanced Audience

We pick your ideal customers out from the herd using advanced audience segmentation and targeting techniques.


We pick your ideal customers
from the herd.

Landing Pages
That Convert

We use design & data to craft compelling offers and a user experience purpose built to generate quality leads

Conversion Rate

Social advertising is never set and forget, our managed campaigns undergo continuous optimisation and testing.

Campaigns Built
To Scale

Once your campaign is generating leads and sales, we hit the accelerator – scaling the campaigns for massive growth.


Visitors to prospects,
prospects to clients.

Delivering Our Clients Tangible Business Results

“We were referred to AXIS Social by another Not-For-Profit organisation who had recently enjoyed some stellar campaign results. In our first fortnight of working together, the campaign surpassed our 3-month lead target at a cost per lead that was 10% of what we had originally budgeted for.

Daniel Barthow Engagement and Marketing Director

“We’ve been working with AXIS since 2016 as part of our national sales lead generation activity. Aside from the brilliant lead generation and sales results we’ve enjoyed as a result of their campaigns, we’ve been delighted with their consistent professionalism and responsiveness.

Kirrily Hirst Group Sales Director

“In our first month of working together, AXIS Social was able to generate sales revenue that equated to a return on ad spend of more than 400%.

They’ve maintained this performance over the following months since and we’re excited to continue to work with them over the holiday retail period!”

Merinda Jackson Founder & Director

“In our first month of working together, AXIS Social was able to deliver a cost per sales lead that was 80% below target and less than a tenth of our other channels. Since then, they have created a “lead generation machine”, bringing in more than 350 residential and commercial sales qualified leads a month.”

Justin Cannon Managing Director

“We came to AXIS Social in May 2017 to assist us with the initial launch of the Baxter Blue business. Since then, they have created a Facebook and Instagram “sales machine”, bringing in more than $70K in revenue each month with an ROI of more than 800%.

Aaron Telford Managing Director

“Since working with AXIS Social, we’ve seen consistently solid lead volumes and great lead quality.

We are bringing in new sales weekly and our cost per sale is less than other online lead sources.”

Danny Karlsson Founder & Director

“We were looking for a digital agency that really ‘got it’ and could help optimise our digital strategy and maximise results. AXIS Social not only got it, but were considered, collaborative and meticulous in their approach throughout the campaign from early design stages, all the way through the campaign implementation.

We were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and expertise in achieving the campaign results. We look forward to working with them for next year’s campaign.”

Karen McGrath Marketing Manager

“Prior to working with AXIS Social, our flow of leads was irregular and typical cost per lead was over $200. Since working with AXIS Social, our monthly lead volume has more than quadrupled while our cost per lead is less than a quarter of what it was before.  These results have effectively meant we’ve able been to double our business.”

Andrew Logan Managing Director