Is Social Media Effective For B2B Companies?

In this article, we tackle a common misconception head first:

Social media advertising is ineffective for B2B companies

If you believe this myth, hopefully, we can change your mind with this article.

And We’re Not Alone!

Now, before you start thinking “of course this bloke is going to tell us social media works for b2b companies, he runs a social agency” it’s worth pointing out that it’s not just us who believe this!

In a recent study, which I will link to in the post that goes along with this video, a whopping 87 per cent of B2B marketers have suggested that they use social media as a critical part of their marketing strategy. 

Whilst LinkedIn is, perhaps understandably, the most popular platform, with 89% of marketers utilising it, it isn’t just LinkedIn – with Facebook at 88% usage and Twitter at 83% usage in the mix too.

Still A Non-Believer?

Regardless, if your mindset is still that social does not work for B2B companies, then you’re not alone.

We regularly have conversations with clients and prospects who have the same mindset. Some are companies that have both commercial and residential arms which for some reason, despite us generating residential leads for them, incorrectly believe we can’t generate commercial leads using social.

Social Media for B2B

Whilst I understand their hesitation, social media platforms have grown well beyond just selfies and cat videos. 

Successfully using social media for B2B is primarily about two things:

  1. Education of your prospects
  2. The positioning of your company

The strategy itself does not change that much between B2C and B2B businesses.

The basic strategy, which I’m about to oversimplify massively, still stands, which is;

  1. Define your ideal buyer persona
  2. Decipher their pain points
  3. Develop content to educate them on how your business solves these pain points
  4. Position your company as the best possible solution out there

Now whilst there are undoubtedly differences in tactical execution, if you do everything I just mentioned, it doesn’t matter whether it is B2B or B2C, your social media advertising will be successful. 

It will be successful in driving impressions, content engagement and leads for your business.

Social Media Is A Cog In The Wheel

Importantly, social media advertising is just one part of the marketing strategy and a much larger sale process.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do it all.

In a previous article ‘Social Media Does Not Make You Sales‘ we explained just that. Social media can give you impressions, engagement and leads, but it doesn’t magically put money in the bank.

More often than not, you will require lead nurturing through marketing automation or active management by a sales team to take over the conversion of a social lead. 

Remember – people buy from people.

Additional Reading and Resources

If you’re still sceptical, below I link to additional reading and resources for social media advertising in B2B:

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