4 Compelling Reasons To Hire A Facebook Ads Agency

Why should we hire an agency instead of handling this internally?

This question is something we often get asked during the consultation process. 

Our (biased) perspective is that hiring the right agency will save your company money. But the question is, how? 

Reason #1: Expertise

Hiring an agency gives you access to subject matter experts. These experts can sit across each discipline of successful advertising.

These disciplines include social strategy, campaign structuring, copywriting, graphic design, video production and optimisation! 

It’s impossible to find someone who can be an expert in all of these fields (trust me, I’ve tried!). 

Relying on internal team members alone will limit the subject matter expertise your company can leverage. 

Reason #2: Effectiveness

The right Facebook advertising agency will improve your campaign effectiveness, plain and simple. 

Such effectiveness means reaching your campaign objectives in less time and with less advertising cost.

This point illustrates how hiring the right agency will save you money. 

Reason #3: Efficiency

Most marketing teams are not structured to execute Facebook advertising campaigns efficiently.

Such inefficiency is the unfortunate reality of many company organisational structures.

Engaging a Facebook agency will reduce this organisational inefficiency and save your company money. 

Reason #4: Experience

The right agency for your company will have a proven track record of success in achieving your goals & objectives. 

This fit increases when the experience exists in the same industry or vertical as your company.


This agency has learnt what works for similar companies and can transfer learnings to your campaign.

Likely, they have already made and hopefully learnt from past mistakes. 

In the industry, we often use the euphemism ‘testing’. 

What Did I Miss? 

If there are any compelling reasons that I forgot, be sure let me know in the comments!

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