30in30: Finding Your Ideal Client Using Facebook’s Core Audiences [VIDEO]

30in30: Finding Your Ideal Client Using Facebook’s Core Audiences [VIDEO]

In This Episode

We cover the first part of a 5 part mini-series on exactly how you can use Core Audience Targeting to find your ideal customers or clients on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook Advertising campaigns, or want to get started on the right foot, then this video mini-series is for you.

What Are Core Audiences?

Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities come from the fact that we can pull from arguably the largest online collections of first-party data (provided by Facebook and advertisers) plus third-party data from Facebook’s localised consumer data providers.

Core Audiences allow us to access this data and define the parameters which represent our ideal target audience. From demographic information such as location and lifestyle factors, to interests and passion points, to online and offline browsing and of course purchasing behaviour – it’s all at your fingertips.

So unlike Custom Audience or Lookalike Audience targeting that we’ve covered in previous videos, Core Audience Targeting is essentially where we work with Facebook’s data to find our ideal target audience for our campaigns rather than simply provide a Source Audience for Facebook to match from.

Core Audience Categories

Now when it comes to creating a Core Audience for your campaigns, there are 4 main categories to select from. There are:

  • Demographics Targeting – who we are
  • Interest Targeting – what we’re passionate about
  • Behavioural Targeting – what we’re doing online and offline
  • Connection and Exclusion Targeting – who we do and don’t want to include within our audience

Stay Tuned

We’ll cover all 4 of these over the next 4 parts in this mini-series so make sure you joins us for the next video in which we focus specifically on the Demographic Targeting component.


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