4 Apr, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: What’s The Facebook Pixel? [VIDEO]

In This Episode

This is the first in a 5 part mini-series focused entirely on the Facebook pixel.

In this episode, I’m going to explain exactly what the facebook pixel is and an overview of what it does.

We are constantly amazed inside the agency at the number of clients we onboard who are running paid Facebook activity but are not utilising the Facebook pixel. If this sounds like you, or you are interested in running Facebook campaigns but have no idea what the pixel is, then this post is for you.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The pixel is a small piece of code, provided by the Facebook advertising platform, that you place inside the code of your website or conversion assets.

Now that statement just there, is why so many people running Facebook campaigns do not use the pixel. Messing with “the code” strikes fear into the hearts of business owners, marketing managers, and many agency staff alike.

They think to themselves “ah, it’s not that important, I’ll just run this ad”, but let me assure you

  1. It is that important
  2. It is not as hard as it may seem – particularly if your website uses a CMS such as WordPress – which many of your websites will (see additional resource below for installing the pixel)

Now I can imagine many of you thinking “it does sounds like a hassle why should I bother”.

Well, explaining why you should bother is exactly why we put this 5 part mini-series together.

The Facebook pixel enables you to measure, optimise and scale your Facebook advertising efforts.

It gives you information and insights into the people that are visiting your website and what actions they are taking when they are there. What’s more, is that using the pixel will give you powerful insights that will improve your other marketing efforts – both on and offline.

Stay Tuned

In the next episode in our mini-series I will take a deeper look at How The Facebook Pixel Measures Your Campaign Success.

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