30in30: Using Facebook Interest Targeting [VIDEO]

30in30: Using Facebook Interest Targeting [VIDEO]

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We’re up to video 3 in our 5 part mini-series on Core Audience Targeting with a piece dedicated entirely to Facebook’s Interest Targeting Capabilities.

If you’re yet to watch the previous two videos in this series on Core Audiences and Demographic Targeting, then make sure you watch those first. If you have already, then let’s get stuck in.

What Is Interest Targeting?

So Interest Targeting is where Facebook’s powerful Ad platform comes into its own.

Interest targeting is how you’re able to find your ideal target audience based on their passions and the type of content that they engage with on and off Facebook. This data is continuously updated at an individual user level based on the Pages we follow on, the articles, videos and content we engage with, the links and ads we click on – all the explicit and implicit information we provide Facebook with each time we log on.

Now, when it comes to specifying the interests you want to target within your Core Audience, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Browse Through Interests

You can browse the range of Interest categories that Facebook has already collated and select those best suited to your target audience. These include;

  • Business & Industry Interests
  • Entertainment Interests
  • Family & Relationship Interests
  • Fitness & Wellness Interests
  • Food & Drink Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Activities and Events
  • Shopping
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Technology

Within each of these parent categories lies more detailed child categories.

So for example if I was looking to target those interested in becoming a member of my Gym, I could target the “Gym” interest grouping found under the Fitness and Wellness Parent Category.

Option 2: Specify Interests

Alternatively – rather than browsing the existing interest categories Facebook has curated, you can specify your own by simply typing in the interests you’d like Facebook to target.

These can be literally anything from activities, to celebrities, to magazines, to Facebook pages – whatever articulation of an audience’s passion point you can think of.

If you’re opting for this option, make sure you’re making the most of Facebook’s suggested Interests. These will appear once you’ve selected one or two interest options as Facebook suggests other interest targeting options closely aligned to those already selected.

The Key To Success: Be Specific

Whichever option you choose, the key is ensure that you’re focusing in on the specific interest areas that are unique to your target audience; the areas that they are MOST passionate about.

For example say I was selling a new set of golf balls specifically designed to help weekend golfers improve their handicap.I could target “Golf” as a interest category, however this would be too broad ranging from pros to arm chair enthusiasts.

Similarly I could target “Tiger Woods” however this would also be too broad, encompassing those who are more mainstream fans of the sport or his celebrity. Instead far more focused options would be to target information sources that this audience would go to for tips to improve their game, such as YouTube Tutorials or Magazines.

Remember when it comes to Interest Targeting, it’s not so much about where your Target Audience COULD be, but finding the interests and identifiers that ONLY they would be part of or would be most passionate about.

Stay Tuned!

In the next video, we’ll build on both these Demographic and Interest layers we’ve covered so far and show how you can use Behavioural Targeting to help refine your audience.

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