4 Apr, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: 3 Facebook Advertising Tactics for RTOs [VIDEO]

In This Episode

We take you through the top 3 tactics we use to optimise Facebook and Instagram Advertising campaigns for our RTO/Education Clients.

If you’re an RTO or market courses and education products, then this video is for you.

Why Social Works For Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

So to kick things off, let’s quickly cover why Social is such a good choice for Education clients.

  1. AdWords and Organic SEO Activity is getting increasingly expensive and competitive. This makes the Cost Per Lead increasingly expensive for businesses that rely purely on these to channels for enquiries. Social on the other hand can have a Cost Per Lead less than a 10th of the cost of AdWords activity alone (at least in our experience!).
  2. Unlike other forms of traditional marketing, Social allows you to target with laser focus your ideal audience. This means that rather than paying to field enquiries from students who may not meet a course’s eligibility criteria, you’re able to target your ideal customers from the outset based on their interests, location and previous education. This means more quality enquiries, less wasted budget.

So if you’re an education business currently running social campaigns, or are interested in adding them to your current marketing mix, here are the top 3 tactics that we use for our RTO and education client’s social campaigns:

1. Leverage Your Existing Student Database As A Lookalike Audience

If you’re currently running social campaigns for an RTO, you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter is figuring out how to target those considering studying a course or making a career change. Rather rely on Interest of Behaviour targeting alone, make sure you’ve created a Lookalike Audience of your existing students.

This allows you to create a new audience filled with 150,000 prospects who match thousands of other factors such as age, interests, education and digital behaviour with your current students.

2. Consider Changing How You “Ask” A Student To Enquire

If you’re finding that your Cost Per Enquiry or Lead is too high, consider changing how you’re currently asking prospective students to register their interest.

Providing an additional option to download something like a Course Guide provides a slightly lower commitment action on behalf of the student, while still ensuring that you’re able to capture the contact details of the prospective student.

3. Use Retargeting To Get Back In Front Of Prospective Students Who Don’t Convert

The reality is that those who are considering undertaking study rarely convert on their first interaction with your business or course offering – it’s just the type of transaction that people want to think about.

With that in mind, make sure you’re using retargeting to get back in front of those who view your landing pages or website but haven’t converted.

Given they’ve shown an interest in studying a particular course, make sure you’re running Facebook creative that demonstrates the benefits of studying with your business, or testimonials from previous students, or profiles of the potential job outcomes from studying this course.

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