3 Mar, 2017 Matthew Asimus

30in30: Social Media Does Not Make You Sales [VIDEO]

In This Episode

I point out something that may seem obvious, but many people don’t realise, and that is social media does not make you sales!

Ok, so let me clear up what I mean by ‘social media does not make you sales’.

What I definitely do not mean – is that social media activity – be it paid or organic – will not result in sales. I simply mean that social media activity cannot do all the heavy lifting.

Social Media Cannot Do Everything!

There is no perfect facebook ad, instagram image or snapchat that will result in money ending up in your businesses bank account. Now as I said before – this might seem like common sense – but we frequently have prospects and clients think that we can magically run a facebook advertising campaign and just fill up their wallets.

Now before you start thinking that social media is worthless – which is something that I definitely do not want you to think – I will remind you that I did say the social media can result in sales. however – in order to do so – you need something that we gave a fancy name too – and its called a conversion asset.

You Need A Conversion Asset

Conversion assets come in many forms – but the common ones that you may have seen and interacted with are ecommerce websites, landing pages (which are sometimes called squeeze pages) or even your website.

To use a way oversimplified analogy – think of social media, or social media advertising in particular, as a traffic store. You can use social media to drive qualified traffic that is filled with people that look like your ideal customers to your ‘conversion asset’.

And then its the job of the conversion asset – be it the landing page, the website, whatever it is – to make the sale. Now in many cases, the conversion asset simply results in the generation of a lead – and then its up to your sales team to make the sale.

So there you have it – social media activity can result in sales – but it does not make them for you.

BONUS VIDEO: A Common Conversion Asset Explained

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